Pet Tracking

Keep track of their loved ones and to view their location in real-time. Personal tracking devices are essential in tracking and locating children, seniors with Alzheimer’s disease and lone workers who work in remote locations. The built-in SOS button that will alert a parent, carer or manager instantly.

Using GPS satellites or triangulating through the GSM mobile phone towers, the device will send an alert text message directly to your phone with their position. For someone lost, knowing that assistance is coming will prevent further distress.

TRAX devices will arrive preconfigured and ready-to-use right out of the box. We provide the data contract, so no need to fit and manage your own sim cards.



Lone Workers


Prevent unnecessary worrying with the TRAX device in their pocket you can check on their location at any time. If they become lost, pressing the button will alert the parent instantly that they need help.

The discreet TRAX device maintains a senior’s dignity and freedom, but should they become lost or distressed a simple press of the button will alert a carer to their location.

The compact TRAX device can be carried on a lanyard or clipped onto clothing. If the worker has a fall or disabling incident and cannot reach their phone or radio then help can still be summoned.